History of the Scotland flag

Scotland flag: This is a brief history of the flag, it origins and why it was chosen to represent the country. 

The Flag of Scotland

There are not many instances where you will see the flag of Scotland in an official setting. The nation of Scotland is part of the United Kingdom that has its own official flag. But that’s not to say you won’t ever see the white cross with blue background ever flying high. Scottish heritage is proudly displayed within Britain, and throughout the world.

You’ll see many products that are made with Scottish love and care, such as shortbread and arguably the world’s best whiskeys. There are also many Scottish traditional events such as Burns Night. Further including Saint Andrew’s day, which is a national celebration of Scotland.

The History of the Scottish Flag

Scotland was once an independent kingdom before it was unionised with England in 1707. It had its own flag develop around 1320 during the Declaration of Arbroath. The event signified Scotland’s conversion to Christianity by Saint Andrew. The saltire – a blue cross against a white background – represented Saint Andrew’s Crucifixion by the Romans.

Originally – this cross had no connection to Saint Andrew and was only used to define Guardians of Scotland. The ruling barons then inverted the cross to be used to represent every Scottish soldier in battle. That then, became Scotland’s defining flag and was used in official affairs all the way up until the Union Act of 1707. The white cross and blue background were then combined with the English flag, to make the Union Jack associated with Britain today.

Where Can We See the Scottish Flag Today?

Scotland does have its own parliament responsible for delegating the affairs of the Scottish people. The flag of the nation continues to fly on official buildings. Though the United Kingdom holds ultimate jurisdiction and has the final say on what happens in the country. Despite that notion, official vehicle registrations in Scotland also display the Scottish flag.

Apart from the Scottish celebrations where the flag is seen, there are more instances shown. Scotland completes as a nation in many sporting events such as football and rugby. Furthermore, there are military divisions in the British Army that display the Scottish flag on their emblems – namely the Royal Scots Dragoon Guard.

The Scottish flag has been recently becoming more prominent as means of national agenda. More and more Scots are keen on becoming an independent nation – breaking away from the United Kingdom. There’s already been one referendum for independence, that swayed in favour of remaining a union. But support is growing for another.

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