History of the Zimbabwe flag

Zimbabwe flag: This is a brief history of the flag, it origins and why it was chosen to represent the country. 

The Zimbabwe Flag

The national flag of Zimbabwe has seven horizontal stripes on its body. These stripes have several colors, including green, gold, black, and red color. On the left side of this flag, you will find a white triangle with a red 5-pointed star. There is a Zimbabwe bird that is located in the middle of this red star. This bird has a unique gold color. You can take a look at the history of the Zimbabwe flag before you decide to buy the Zimbabwe flag.

There are some important things that you need to know about this flag and its history. The current design from this flag was first adopted on 18 April 1980. The soapstone bird on the flag is representing the statue of a bird found in the middle of the ruins of Great Zimbabwe. This bird symbolizes the overall history of Zimbabwe. The red star on the left side stands for the current nation’s aspirations. This star also symbolizes the revolutionary struggle for peace and freedom.

History of the Zimbabwe Flag

Zimbabwe was formally and officially known as the Southern Rhodesia from 1895 to 1980. The word Rhodesia was used to call this country from 1964 until 1979. In 1979, this country reconstituted its country as Zimbabwe Rhodesia. This period is the time when the internal settlement between the government and the moderate black nationalists was created.

A new flag was adopted to start the transition in September 1979. This was the first time when the Zimbabwe flag was introduced. The Zimbabwe flag was specially designed by Flight Lieutenant Cedric Herbert. He was one of the members of the Rhodesian AIr Force, Genealogy Society, and Rhodesian Heraldry.

The design from this flag incorporated the whole pan-African colors of black, yellow, red, and green. Yellow represented an old and precolonial source of power. The black stripe symbolized the importance of the majority rule. Red represented the blood that had already been spilled in the struggle for the majority rule. White represented an integral part of the community and other minorities in the country’s life. Green reflected the importance of the agriculture world for the country. The Voice of Zimbabwe radio service carried a comment entitled “The Proof of Independence is not names or flags”.

The Zimbabwe flag was superseded around December 1979, especially when the UK took control of the country. After the fresh election held in February 1980, the country was granted independence by the UK under the name of ZImbabwe. This was the first time when the official flag of Zimbabwe was used.

The initial design of the Zimbabwe flag didn’t include the Zimbabwe Bird. This additional decoration was added after hearing the suggestion from Cederic Herbert. He pointed out its history and uniqueness. The final draft of this flag was approved by Prime Minister Robert Mugabe. The adoption coincided with the swearing-in event of Canaan Banana as the first new president in the country. The Zimbabwe Bird was used on the flag in 1968. The character of this bird was taken from a statue found in the ancient city of Great Zimbabwe in the South-east region.

This bird was known as the Great Zimbabwe bird or Hungwe. It was a representation of the popular African Fish Eagle. When looking at this bird, this character emphasized a strong bond between the ancestral humans with animals, nature, and other spiritual guides from nature. The red star behind the bird represented the nation’s aspirations that were taken to be socialism.

The colors used on the Zimbabwe flag has some similarities with other colors under the African National Union-Patriotic Front. It is commonly viewed as a good sign of respect and humble submission to the party. Four main colors are available on the flag of the National Union-Patriotic Front, including red, green, yellow, and white.

In the modern culture 

In 1980, Samora Machel created a famous speech that included the flag of Zimbabwe on his speech. He brought the flag and said that the flag was used to cover everyone. There is no black or white in Zimbabwe, There is no Indian or mulatto. Today, there are Zimbabweans. This speech emphasizes the importance of nationality. No minority is suffering in Zimbabwe today. No majority can rule everything in this country. 

In Harare, Zimbabwe in 2011, all cars had a miniature national flag on their bodies. The number of sales of the Zimbabwe flag increased very rapidly in that time in the country. Since then, many people have already considered the flag as an important thing for themselves and their countries. The flag can be used as a reminder that Zimbabwe was born of pain. 

Some police officers in this country also have the national ZImbabwe flag on their uniforms. This logo is added on the sleeve tops of their uniforms. It will create a strong symbol for people who love Zimbabwe. This flag is a good representative of the strong culture and struggle of Zimbabweans in the past.

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